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    Help! valve cover screw broken!

    Im freaking out here, I broke one of the valve cover screws on my 4tec, I bought one of this extractor kits (peace of crap, dont buy it)

    While I was drilling a hole on the screw the drill bit broke, it was a pain to get it out, but I managed and I got the extractor in but when I was turning it it also broke! damn, and its fused to the screw, now I cant get it out and I dont know what to do!! please help!! What do you do in a case like this? new head? machining? can I use it with one screw missing(plugging the hole)? Im so lost

    I dont know if I should take it in to the dealer, I have had VERY bad experiences with how the work here in Cancun...

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    You can probably drill it out and re-tap it. Make sure you drill the broken bolt in the centre and slowly go with a larger bit each time.
    Then re-tap it May have to use a slightly large bolt.

    Be careful with the iron filings.

    Much cheaper than a dealer.

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    Stainless is very difficult to drill. Have to start small an work your way up. May be easier just to grind the head off with a dremel. Once the valve cover is off, the stud will be pretty easy to remove.

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    Sadly, in my opinion you need to remove the head and get it to a machine shop and let them mill the old screw and extractor out. I had one thread pull on my head so was able to drill it and fit a time-sert thread repair insert. but trying to drill a bolt out of a head with a pistol drill is asking for trouble especially now it has a very hard extractor stuck in the middle, trying to drill down the centre will be difficult.

    The machine shop would be able to cut out the broken bolt and fit a insert to replace the thread.


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    I managed to get the screw out!! I wouldnt use the screw extractors ever again, it just complicated everything extracting the extractor out of the broken screw I had to extract. Would have saved me allot of trouble just using the inverted drill bits.

    But my jet is out and running like a champ, Im so glad, Thanks to all that offered help and advise, really appreciate it.

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    next time just bring your problem to a good local welder. He will just put a small bit of weld onto the end and use a set of vise grips to turn it out. Usually 5 minutes or less from start to finish. The 1st time I seen this done I could not believe the results.

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    the welder next door to my shop as done some pretty amazing stuff

    if hair was made of metal..he could weld it.....

    better to remember what you are doing and step back BEFORE you have this kind of problem.

    Don't use anything less then top shelf tools when working on stuff like that.

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    Helicoil it. Use a colbolt brill. Slow speed, good consistant pressure, lube.

    Or... just leave it as is probably won't leak

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