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    4 tec engine turns over very slowly :( *videos and pictures now uploaded*

    Hi guys, I went to winterize my 2004 Seadoo GTX 185 ltd and when I went to start the engine it sounded very slow turn over but then fired up, I went round the back to put antifreeze through the flush feed and just before I got chance to do so the engibe stopped! :/

    I went to start it up again and it just turned over really slow as if the battery had died! I checked the battery and the voltage was 12.43! So battery was ok.

    I then took the spark plugs out and got under the ski to turn over by hand using the drive shaft and it felt solid! It just wouldn't budge!
    So I then tried to turn the engine over using the super charger nut but it was also solid!

    Now I did replace the valves not too long ago but the engine sounded awesome! It reved up nicely and sounded super smooth, but when I took it out it was cavitating badly with the engine shaking! I took it out again after cleaning out the impeller from trash and it was still cavitating! I then took it to 4000rpm and it just felt like something pooped out the back of the impeller and the Shaking stopped and it felt super smooth! It reved up very nicely all the way up to 7600rpm. I was out for around another 10minutes just to make sure all was ok then I put it back on the trailer to get ready to winterize it. I did notice that when I got home to flush it out the metal rattle sound came back from the impeller/ jet pump area but I thought that was Normal. It went away when it had the problem with it cavitating but I guessed that must of been something just caught up in the impeller that I couldn't see stopping it from making the normal metal sound.

    I was just about to winterize it and take the supercharger off to get rebuilt over the winter but I'm now thinking I was just too short and maby the supercharger itself has broke and sized the engine?

    I took a quick look at the front of the charger but it looked fine, I know the damage normally will be something at the back of the charger like bearings or something but I haven't taken it out to inspect yet.

    What at do you guys think it might be?
    Charger or jet pump?

    This ski has only 20hrs on it and I'm new to skis, I really hope I have abit of good luck coming my way and it's not the charger that's damaged my engine

    Thanks guys

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    Take pics impeller/pump/wear ring area. I would remove pump and check bearing first

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    I've only got s picture of the supercharger wheel at the moment but I will get photos of the impeller tomorrow morning. The impeller looked clean from what I could see.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mate I just send you a PM...Let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Can you see something wrong mate? If so could you please say just as I'm clueless that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitsakosgt View Post
    Mate I just send you a PM...Let me know!
    Thanks mate. I'll have alook

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    I would pull pump sounds like bad pump bearings then try to turn over I bet it turns fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post


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