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    D-plate question?

    Hi guys I'm about to do the D plate on my 2000 xl 1200 ltd along with the wave eater clips and I'm concerned about some stuff I've read on jetting. So do I need to jet the carbs? If I do now I'm having to get FA's? It's more the wife's ski so I'm really wanting a reliable ski that can be cruised around!

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    You don't need to jet the carbs.....

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    These are two seperate issues/ mods. i.e. flame arrestors have little to nothing to do with the "D" plate.

    You loose exhaust back pressure when the catalytic converter is removed. A "D" plate is put in to help provide the original back pressure that was provided by the cat con to help aid in scavageing. If you pulled out the catalytic converter and put nothing in its place but a spacer, you would still run fine, you just would not have the top end that you currently enjoy. Remember that only in the U.S.A. are catalytic converters used. Every one else in the world uses the "D" plate.

    If you put on aftermarket flame arrestors, you have freer air flow compared to the more restrictive stock flame arrestor (you do not have the necessary fuel for the amout of air that is now flowing). For this reason, whenever you add aftermarket flame arrestors you should rejet to compensate for an engine that is prone to running lean with stock jetting.

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    Ok thanks guys!!! So not jetting. This is great news!!

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    Oh and as far as my mentioning the D-plate and FA's it's because I read that if you jet the carbs the only reliable jetting that works well is with the aftermarket FA's

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