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    GP1200R Build Questions

    Hello All,

    Just joined the forum and looking for some answers. I have been trying to catch up on all the old threads but some of the info is tough to track down.

    I recently bought (2) 2000 GP1200Rs. Waver runner 1 is in good working condition, all three cylinders test right at 105 PSI and the thing runs pretty solid overall. It already has the Cat removed and D plate and chip installed. I am wondering what I should do this winter to give me a solid season this year. I am yet to pull the head on this ski, but considering it didn't lose any PSI in any cylinders over 40 hours of use last summer, there isn't anything terrible going on. I think I would like to remove the carbs and send them to island racing for rebuild and to jet for premix. I also am thinking about doing a powervalve upgrade / rebuild. Any recommendations for that? Is it worth it, or should I just get the wave eater clips and call it a day?

    Waverunner 2 - I bought towards the end of the season last year. It definitely needs a full carb rebuild. Additionally, cylinder 3 was testing at 85 PSI when the other 2 were perfectly at 110. So I popped the head off and it looks like the powervalve was wearing at the piston. Miraculously the cylinder wall looks ok. I can definitely see scuffing on the wall, but I can't feel it with my fingernail. My plan is to replace the piston, new rings and smooth out the cylinder wall a little more with a scotch brite pad. Is this good enough? Where should I get those parts from? Can you replace a cylinder without pulling the whole engine? Also looking for similar power valve advice for this ski.

    I looked at the RIVA's performance powervalve kit. It is about $600 / Ski. Is it worth it for a ski that is more or less stock? What are other options?

    Thanks for the help! I have rebuilt a few car engines over the years and can handle any of this work. However, I am new to the PWC world and its a slightly different monster. I want to make sure I don't waste a bunch of money on parts that won't benefit me. I do want to make sure my pwc's are in top shape for next season though.

    EDIT 1: I found to never hone nikasil! Post updated to new plan.
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    Stock is more reliable than a modded ski unless it is done right. #1 cleaning and close inspection of the powervalves is a good idea along with wave eater clips only NOT the wave eater couplers. #2 rebuilding the carbs is also a good thing as long as you use factory kits from Riva and if you are going to replace the pistons you can also get them there too. #3 if you want reliability then delete the oil injection. the oil pump itself rarely goes out but a ton of these 1200R engines have been destroyed due to oil lines coming off. #4 if you haven't already changed the intake grate that is just another good upgrade for your ski and if you ever get it over 70mph it will be safer too. these are just a few things to start with but there is a lot lot more.

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    I am definitely going to delete the oil injection on both skis. I do want to find someone to rebuild the carbs for me though. I just don't have the time or patience to do that right at this time. The other mechanical stuff, I'm fine with but I just don't want to mess with it. I'm hoping to hear back from Island Racing soon.

    Do you know anything about the upgraded RIVA power valves and reeds? At roughly $780 / ski between those items I don't know if its really worth it since I am not modifying much else mechanically. It looks like you don't need wave eater clips with them though, so that saves $200 there between the two skis if I go straight for new valves.

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