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    Angry 1200 xlt piston meltdown need advise

    Hey I am new to this forum and new to wave runners, but I have read a lot of great information in here so I thought I would see if anyone has any good advise or opinions regarding my PWC.
    I have a 2004 1200xlt with 66 power valve and a D-Plate. The oil tank has been blocked off and a plate installed.
    While riding last year I discovered piston #2 had lost compression; I was told that the power valve had come apart and damaged the piston; so I sent it off to PWC Engines in New york to be professionally rebuilt. (Not sure if that was my first mistake).
    Engine came back and had it installed by a reputable PWC shop and the carbs rebuilt with original Kuni rebuild kits.
    I followed all the recommendations for breaking in a new engine; 30 minute runs at 10%, 20% and then 40% ect; extra oil in the mix; I even brought 3 sets of new plugs in case I fouled a plug. Well the bike ran great the first two runs; plugs looked identical across all 3 cylinders. I refueled and put in a set of plugs for our 30min 50%-60% run and you guessed it....10 minutes into it ,and it came back limping. The case was shattered; the #2 piston had melted down. Well now it has been rebuilt again under warranty (ya right)..... and of course I have been told that it was not the re builders fault; but an oil starvation/lean situation. I don't care whose fault it is at this point; I just don't want to have another melt down....any ideas or opinions on this situation would be great; things to watch out for......anything would helpClick image for larger version. 

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    From looking at the pics posted its hard to determine the cause of the problem. that being said since you have had the same issue of possible the same issue you should do some testing yourself to eliminate a possible problem. to start you should preform a leak down test on the motor there are threads on here explaining how to do it. also check the head for warpage and use a strait edge across all cylinders to make sure one is not higher or lower than the others. and get a list of parts the builder used to rebuild your engine. some builders use cheap aftermarket parts on these engines that cant hold up as good as the factory ones and will only cost you more money down the road.

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