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    Dose this supercharger look ok? *videos and pictures uploaded*

    Hi guys, my 2004 Gtx ltd 185 turns over very slow as if the battery is flat. It's been on a smart charger and started and ran fine for 10-15 minutes. I left it a few days then went to winterize it and it turned over slow but started and then cut out! I went to re start the engine but it turned over really slow to an almost complete stop.

    1. I've removed super charger and it feels nice and tight and spinning free ( but please take alook at the photos in case I'm missing something).
    2. I've removed the jet pump and that seems to be moving freely.
    3. I tried turning it over via superchager nut but it feels tight and I'm not sure if it's engine that seized.
    4. The battery is a few months old but only has 2hrs on it. It's been on a smart charger that self load tests it and keeps it fully charged. It's not telling me the battery is bad, the voltage has held at 12.5v for over a week now off the charger so it's not loosing charge.
    5. The battery terminals and earths to block seem solid.
    6. Oil level is fine, coolent level is fine, it's has fuel in the tank.
    7. Spark plugs all looked normal.

    This ski is showing 20hrs on the cluster, I'm not sure it's that's correct but I was told by the last owner he purchased it at 10hrs and the guy he purchased it from it had been sitting in his barn for over 4 years. :/

    here are some pictures of the supercharger.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Huge thanks guys
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    Does the motor turn over any faster if you jump the solenoid?

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    Supercharger is fine and would not cause a slow cranking issue that you are having anyway.

    Perhaps it's a bad starter
    Bad battery cable... loose connection of positive cable on the starter
    Bad starter solenoid

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    Ok I've fully charged the battey and it was showing 13v I refitted the jet pump and tried cranking the engine again with the plugs out and it's still really slow!

    I then refitted the supercharger and tried turning it over via the supercharger nut but with the cam cover off I could see the engine was not turning at all but the supercharger was turning via the nut, this must just be the supercharger clutch slipping.

    So it's not turning over freely so that eliminates all electrics to be at fault as its somthing stopping the engine from turning Over by hand.

    Ive took a video of the jet pump spinning, could you let me know if this is spinning as free as it should please:

    oil filter looked good too:
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    Here is a video of me trying to turn the engine over:

    did the 2004 4-tecs have the problem with the flywheel bolts? Would that cause these sort of symptoms?

    Huge thanks guys

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    Did you check the things Jerry mentioned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCharged67 View Post
    Did you check the things Jerry mentioned?
    the thing is mate, the engine won't turn over by hand via the supercharger nut with the plugs out, so that would mean its somthing internal maby. I've turned the engine Over by hand before using the supercharger nut and it used to spin freely. Now it's developed this problem it won't turn over by hand.

    If if it was turning slow just off pressing the button but turning over freely by hand then I'd say it's somthing electrical, but it's not turning over by hand or by starter.

    Would a bad battery, bad earth, bad starter motor stop the engine turning over by hand? I really wouldn't of thought it would?

    Thanks jamie

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    how about turning it over using the drive shaft? Install the jet pump and use 12 mm allen wrench on an extension.

    I have never tried turning over the motor with the super charger nut-- I would think that it would not be too easy as you are compressing springs in the head even thou you are not building compression. If you can't turn it over with the drive shaft with the spark plugs removed, then I would say you may have a problem.

    It sounds like you are skipping the easy tests and going off your own ideas. How did jumping the solenoid work out? How about either trying another 30 series agm battery, a full size car battery or a jump pack and battery? You could also take the battery out of your ski and try it out in another 4 tech or even your car. A battery that gives a voltage reading of 13.x volts on your vom doesn't equal good battery or battery capable of turning over a 4 tech engine.

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    Yeah mate, one of the guys on here made a video on changing out the valves and in his video it shows turning over the engine using the supercharger nut. I changed my valves out a while ago and I also turned the engine over using the supercharger nut and it was very free and turning over with ease!

    I Then ran into this problem and now it won't turn over via the supercharger nut. this is what I can't get my head around.

    But ive asked for help on here so I'm going to listen and try everything you guys recommend.
    Just earlier Jerry also told me to try and turn the engine over via the drive shaft as well as you have to, so that will be my first job tomorrow.

    if it turns over freely I will then try jumping the solenoid and see if that makes any differance.
    If not I will order a new battery and replace the main Earth and power cables.

    if that fails but the engine turns over by hand I will then order a new starter motor.

    I will report back with my findings tomorrow.
    In the mean time if anybody else could chime in on any advice with this that would be awesome

    huge thanks to you and all that replies to this thread!

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    Resting battery voltage does not indicate cranking amperage capabilty. Your looking for Zebras in a horse pasture! Likely more simple than your looking for.. Imop.. Brian @ Soundsational Car Audio

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    Load test the battery.

    Start with the simple stuff 1st.

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