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    Seadoo gts130 VS yamaha vx110

    In a rental setting, in the carribbean(salt water), what's your opinion on what's best and the reason?

    I like the vx because of reliability, and no carbon seal.

    I like the gts because it's closed loop...

    whats your opinions ?

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    VX110, no questions. It's a reliability whore. Most all fleet owners use VX's.

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    Ive used the VX for the past 10 years in the rental market in the keys, and wouldn't switch my skis if you paid me. Damn near indestructible. Closed loop is just one more thing that needs maintenance and something you dont need...

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    yeah, pretty good those VXs, but the i cant see i big issue with the gti, last one i had to fix had 695 hrs on the cluster and its starter gear fell off, other than that just plain old servicing.
    gti bonus with rentals is its fiberglass and repairs quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterstick View Post
    gti bonus with rentals is its fiberglass and repairs quickly.

    THIS IS SOOOO fact, they just bounce off eachother. the GTI's i had and every other one ive seen do the same thing. Yamis..keep the fiberglass guys busy...

    I wish you could see the patch jobs at the beach rental in key west...dont even know how some of those skis float. Crack in the hull, they slap a 4x9 glass matt over the crack and let it 'dry' for 20 minuets and then throw it back on tour...

    For what its worth tho, 89% of fiberglass repairs shouldn't actually be fixed with fiberglass. I rarely use that on my fleet unless i have a BIIIG crack.

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