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    Video: Hurricane Wave Jumpers Off Long Island Get Swamped

    Hey guys. It’s your daring do-gooder Editor-in-Chief, Kevin here. I woke up this gray and wet Wednesday this the early signs of a headcold. The numb, slogging ache that comes with a winter’s chill. You know the type. And as I perused my morning feed of industry news, I couldn’t help but be drawn back to the same video I’ve had stowed in my “to do” file for over a year. Published way back in December of 2011, the content itself isn’t incredibly timely, but the action therein still resonates. Three years ago, Hurricane Irene pummeled the East Coast, pounding the northeastern shoreline with massive inky black swells, whipping winds and sheets of rain.

    Y’know, the perfect weather to drag out the skis and go surf jumping in.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Awesome video. Nothing else like riding In one of these storms!!!

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    Thanks Kevin. I needed that ... I ski is in the garage in various stages of a rebuild. It is cold outside & I needed to re-enforce why I have such a passion for the ride! Thanks

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    That's just plain awesome.

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