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Thread: 95 hx 787 swap

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    95 hx 787 swap

    Hi all i have a 95 HX that I have owned since new and thought is was about time to give it a little something more. Last year i restored a 98 SPX, love the motor hate the hull and riding characteristics. So i bought a donor 96 XP and gutted it (the hull was complete garbage) it came with two complete motors and everything to put the XP back together. My question is regarding the prop. I want the best all round performance i already have an R and D intake grate. Also wondering if the exhaust and water box can be used as is in the HX i know it doesn`t have the water valve on the water box. If anyone can think of something i might have missed let me know.

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    I've seen people doing it. I've placed once a 785 in an 94 xp hull. It took a lot of measurement and patience. I even remember they raced HX in the sport class with 785 in them. Although I cannot remember if the used the OEM hull or the Carbon fiber hulls from westcoast racing. With patience, and some days of itching due to the fiber job, I know it can be done. It also counts for the relocating of the electronics. Some small fabrication should be done. You have to use the waterbox of the 785. Let us know how it goes

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