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    Another D plate question!

    In the process of installing D plate and oil pump block off, I got the cat section of exhaust off ( which by the way is way easier then I thought from all I've read) do I need to buy new exhaust gaskets? If do anyone know the part numbers?

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    I am pretty sure you do not have to get new gaskets ... if not cracked/split. I am glad to hear you got the stinger section off with no real problem.

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    ive installed several d plates and always use original gaskets and never had a leak. sometimes i scrub extra carbon off - on occasion use spray copper seal on them if old.

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    Cool thanks guys! With the oil pump delete I need to pull off expansion chamber, correct?

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    Another D plate question!

    Quote Originally Posted by OzarkYamMonster View Post
    I am pretty sure you do not have to get new gaskets ... if not cracked/split. I am glad to hear you got the stinger section off with no real problem.
    Kinda crazy because I have read lots of horror stories and even watched a video some guy posted where he does the process in the ski because he couldn't get it out!! I just twisted and pulled and it came out. I did drink about 7 beers before and during so that may have had something to do with it!!
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    Hey guys, I just tonight did the oil pump delete and the power valve clips, when doing the oil pump delete I did not see a gasket, although hard to see much as you need a mirror to see but I just want to make sure before I put it back together

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    They usually come with a gasket to keep the dirt and moisture out. Its sealed inside the flywheel cover so you dont have to worry about oil or pressure leaks or anything. The pump just runs off the end of the crank thats it. Just put a little sealant on it before install and you should be fine. If you want to order a gasket for piece of mind they are cheap.

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    I did not use a gasket, Just a little RTV and been rock solid ever since.

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    Another D plate question!

    I looked down there and it looked like there was a gasket in place from the pump so I went ahead with reassembly!! I hope I didn't blow it, I so don't want to take the exhaust off again.
    There is a factory gasket on the oil pump right?
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    Hey guys, so I've been busy this week and just tonight after work I got around to installing the stinger. WHOA!! I talked a good game about how easy I got it out but F me I could not get that bitch back in!! I literally gave up and was trying to pull it out when I let go dropped it and it fell into place! I have no idea how that happened!
    On an unrelates topic can someone tell me if the oil pump has a factory gasket?

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