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    Reverse lever. FZS -11

    Hi guys
    Someone took apart my reverse lever and now it dosent work properly.

    Ive been trying a lot of things now but something is wrong.

    This is how i put it together:
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    This bolt with a washer and a distance goes on the right hole with threads(thru the arm at the right ofc).

    But seems like some washer or something is missing. The reverse works but the lever is loose, it can not only go in and out but up and down as well if that makes sense.

    I have looked in the spare parts catalog, but they wont list these parts becuse you can only order the whole reverse assambley.
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Name:	Y11GX1800AK03.jpg 
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    You guys know what part im missing?


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    This help?
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    Can you take a picture from the other side? I need to know what im missing on the bolt shown in my picutre, or something missing in the area were the red arrow points. I think its some kind of washer.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This bolt that you remove from the other side. What washers, distances etc are on it?

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    I would have to take the side panel off, cant get in there

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    jst looked with the boroscope. just the nut and washer

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    Something is missing or ive havent put i together correctly.

    I made a video of how it struggles:

    should be another washer or a plastic clip or something to make it go straight.

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    Not sure if this helps, but on mine it looks like there is a spacer, washer or raised part on the lever that slides up and down in the slot. Without that riding in the slot the lever could move back and forth in the slot, kind of like yours does.

    It's hard to get a photo of the piece in the slot.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the pictures! Yes, thats the one im looking for. Can you remove it and take a picture of it?

    As you see in my first picture there is two holes. One were the bolt fits and another one next to it. I need to know if its just a regular washer or if it should fit in the other hole or something.


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    Looks like you're missing two pieces. What I thought was a washer or spacer is an oval shaped nylon piece that slides in the track. It has a nylon pin molded into it that goes into the top hole, so with it and the bolt in place it will stay in place and not bind in the track. There is also a small bushing that goes into hole (larger than the bolt hole) on the nylon oval piece. This would keep the hole in the nylon piece from wearing and also keep the bolt when tightened from squeezing the nylon piece and putting the whole thing in a bind.

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