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    Modiing FZS and Clutch

    hi guys, I'm about to embark on some mods to my 2012 FZS, it has already 114 hrs on it and I'm going to do
    Riva air intake
    R&D exhaust
    Ribbon delete
    Cooling upgrade,
    CFM kit and the spacers on the water side
    anti cav cone
    Worx ride plate
    R&D intake grate
    A Jim modded Prop
    and Etech low boost,
    I ask, should i put a new S/Charger clutch or trust the old original one.
    oh and I might be doing the V-tech 8500rpm re-flash and have I missed something

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    Living outside of Charleston SC.
    When in doubt....

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    When i starter to mod mine 2009 fzr...
    i updated the clutch with new 2013 system+ Riva dampener and riva gen 3 supercharger shaft. (And riva e1)
    spent a lot of money...
    but no issue with clutch and offshore riding

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    Have your Vtech limiter set to 8850,and modding the stock intercooler won't be enough even in cooler conditions it will hold your low boost wheel back, stock cooler can't handle the CFM increase too small "winter stick"

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    Riva air intake-yes
    R&D exhaust- no
    Ribbon delete- yes
    Cooling upgrade - yes if going with a tune
    CFM kit and the spacers on the water side- Total waste of time. Ask me how I know
    anti cav cone- yes but if I had a choice I would go with a Lucky 13
    Worx ride plate- yes, good for ocean riding
    R&D intake grate- yes, A must
    A Jim modded Prop- yes, One from green hulk would be fine.
    and Etech low boost,- thats what I have. but I installed mine once the clutch went at 114hours
    I ask, should i put a new S/Charger clutch or trust the old original one.
    oh and I might be doing the V-tech 8500rpm re-flash and have I missed something

    So if I was you I would go with everything I said yes to. Wait till the clutch goes and upgrade the clutch and wheel then. Also buy a better intercooler. Dont waste your time with the CFM kit.

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    Do the clutch now.

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    Go with the clutch when you have the charger out, dont waith till il fails because its going to, so no need to take the charger out twice. I have the low boost wheel and 2013 clutch for 55 hs now and no problems. As some other guys said get a cooler instead of the CFM.

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    Get a large intercooler and do not look back. The R&D 18005 and Fizzle IC are both great options.

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    my uncle has 250 hours on his 2010 stock clutch.......just seems that when you up the boost ( bigger impellor)
    the clutch will go at around 120 hours.......don't forget pop off valve

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    + 1 on the BOV. Another thing to consider is that when the 2012 clutch fails all the gear theets and metal debris go for a walk inside your engine and thats no bueno.

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