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    Best home made straight pipe for r12x

    ok so yesterday i convinced my parents to get me the straight pipe exhaust from h20 but them my dad said ow we will make our own ''for a fraction of the price''so we went to a marine warehouse and bought a few items
    1 14''inch piece of 3''inch fiberglass wet exhaust pipe
    1 3''inch hi temp silicone 90'degree bend.
    we took the straight piece that goes between the down-pipe and catalytic converter thing and cut it directly in half then taking the piece that bolts to the down pipe go right there where the RH is and cut just the outer water jacket sleeve off but leave the actual inner exhaust pipe still attached the 90 degree bend slides over the outer water jacket so the water cant go back through the actual air pipe take your original black pipe that goes from the water box to the outlet and cut it right about where i did about 8 inches up from the bottom then clamp it all together and installClick image for larger version. 

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    all together cost me $80.

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    It was nice meeting u today on the Water.
    Nice job, Sounds pretty good actually, Just gonna have to beef it up a lil

    Don't feel bad, I found out why my ski was acting up. After we ate lunch I noticed the rear of the ski was under water a bit. Pulled the seat and had water over the SC. Drained it out, and found I had melted my exhaust in the far back corner of the ski a little. I had to get a ride back to my truck, and come back to scoop it up. Time to bypass my plastic resonator now I guess.

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    Lol small world i took the stock exhaust elbow on the ski now because the old one melted and i cant beleave the same happened to you
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    I removed the resonator, & put in a SS Pipe No more leaks, and sounds a bit meaner now

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    I bet it does whens the next time your goin out atleast on the river up by me

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    Is your pipe double walled? If not I assure you you are back feeding water into your turbo at idle... And you will have turbo issues... I built mine for 60 worth of ss pipe and some tig welding

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    well if you where to actually read the post and see that the outer pipe is cut 2 inche back the it cant go back and ive raan the ski for 200 hours now with the straight pipe and have had no probblems at all and still sounds great and pisses the neighbors and cops off

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    I am not here to argue with people but pissing your neighbors and the cops off is not only immature and stupid but give the rest of your watercraft riding community a bad rap. Everything I have heard and seen about doing exhaust on this ski offers no performance gains what so ever. Again, noise with no gain is just as dumb as your statement.

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    Hey this is hondaman21 and there us a performance gain ok the ski spooles up a fuckton faster ok and gave me 200rpm more gain ok so im sorry you buthurt overthis but and over 4200 rpm its not very loud only 2800-4100rpm is it loud so ya have a nice day

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    Loud and proud ^^

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