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    Video: Bollywood’s Hilarious “Bang, Bang” Takes to The Water (And Air) on a Flyboard

    “She’s over there!” PWC’s, boats and jacked gun-toting dudes in suits chasing down Bollywood’s sexy Katrina Kaif on her personal water scooter in Bollywood’s newest release, “Bang Bang” an Indian action film remake of Hollywood’s “Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

    What is super cool is the use of PWC’s and the newest water jet-driven device, the Zapata Flyboard. The Flyboard has been taking the world by storm as an inexpensive accessory to your current PWC with a price tag more than 1/10 less than the Jet Lev. This hilarious outtake you are about to watch features Katrina Kaif, aka “Harleen,” attempting to get away from potential murderers when out of nowhere, Hrithic Roshan, or “Rajveer” strapped into the Flyboard and packing some serious heat, breaches the ocean surface multiple times firing a hail of bullets, taking out bandits one by one while getting Katrina to safety.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    A little hokey as the an actual Flyboard but kinda of neat that its been a long time since you have seen PWC in the movies or ads. Well except for the prilosec commercial.

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