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    Vicious Rumors and Vile Gossip: Are Catalytic Converters In PWC’s Future?

    Want to know the surefire way to cause a riot on a personal watercraft performance webforum? Threaten additional governmental intrusion on their horsepower. That’s what happened over this past weekend at With the posting of a single image grabbed with a cellphone, PWC enthusiasts went rabid howling vengeance against purposed increased emission standards, boating safety standards and anyone driving a Prius (OK, maybe it wasn’t that bad).

    Nevertheless, the image in question did raise several eyebrows that required some earnest investigation. The note we received from Greenhulk’s own Jerry Gaddis was innocent enough, “Here’s a Rotax engine in a Chaparral jet boat. Notice the wet catalytic converter. I wonder if we will see this on future PWCs? [Also] notice it also has an 02 sensor.”

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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