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    Angry Seized/locked 2005 RXP...

    Good afternoon all,

    I need someone's help please. Recently (a few weeks ago), a friend took my RXP out (in fresh water) and really badly sucked-up a rope. He was able to remove the rope but now the engine is seized and will not turn... I have brought it to the shop who is quoting me thousands of dollars to even open it up and look at it or about 7 grand for a new engine.... Since this is a 2005, I obviously do not want to spend that type of money to just "look" but they did say that water was in the engine. At this stage I am getting the ski back to see what I can do but know really nothing about engines...

    Does anyone have any suggestions or help that they are willing to provide to get me up and running again? Any help would be greatly appreciated (bearing in mind that I really do not know much about engines...).

    Many thanks!

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    I cant really see why a rope would cause any engine damage. Usually a rope get sucked up while at idle and the engine just dies as the shaft is unable to turn. It could be a conicidence however that the engine now has issues. Personally, I think what happened is that the rope got tangled in the drive shaft. Rider then tilted the ski hard to one side at an angle that allowed the water in the muffler to be pushed back into the cylinders thus hydrolocking the pistions. Pull the plugs, turn engine over in "flood mode" and change oil. Reinstall plugs, give it a go and let us know how it turns out.

    Oh yeah, find a new shop.

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    Thanks Might Mouse,

    You are correct RE tilting the ski. He did that to cut the rope out...

    Re the shop, I agree... Unfortunately down here (south Florida) we don't have many options..

    Would you be able to walk me through changing the plugs & oil? Have never done anything like that so have no clue... I am also assuming that by "flood mode" you mean full throttle then start button?

    Thanks again for any insight!

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    Take it somewhere else for evaluation..... a replacement engine from BRP is no where near $7k

    If there has been water in the engine for weeks (even fresh water) the motor will need to be rebuilt, or replaced.

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    Many threads and youtube videos on oil change and plugs. Dont need to repost. Generally a simple process. The biggest challenge you may have is vaccuming out the oil. You may have to buy a oil extraction kit. $50 or so. It's basically a manual vacuum pump that sucks the oil out the dipstick. Just do a "google" You are correct on the flood mode. You could also try turning engine over by the SC nut. A new engine with labor is probabaly close to $7K. But BRP make a remanufactured one for $2500 or so. Labor maybe $1000.

    There should be many choices for Florida PWC work. It's a haven for skies. What part of FL?

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    What shop looked at it ?

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    As mighty mouse says, the engine is probably hydrolocked.
    Remove the spark plugs and see if the engine turns over.
    It will probably shoot out water.
    Then change the oil 3 times to remove the milky oil.

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    Thanks folks.

    I took it to Riva which has done great work in the past but this seems excessive... I am currently in Boca but in the process of moving to Miami. If anyone is down this way feels the need to tinker, please let me know.... Or if anyone can recommend another shop? Last option for me on this if I cant get any of this is to actually part with it if anyone is potentially interested.

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    Did you try taking out the spark plugs....

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    Apparently the shop did. This is exactly what they said:

    - "Inspected Unit and found unit to only click. Found no rope. Removed spark plugs and found engine to be hydro locked. Removed intake tube and water just poured out. Unit still clicks. Soaked cylinders in ring free oil for 5 days to try to free up but unable to break the engine free. Engine may be internally corroded and not allowing the engine to turn over. May also have internal engine damage."

    The ski was taken to them directly after it stopped working and they seem to have emptied the water but still cant get it to turn... I have not tried myself yet.

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