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    Need a Cure For The Wintertime Blues? America’s Motor Sports Stocks Polaris’ Slingsho

    OK listen, it kinda sucks that Polaris has been out of the personal watercraft game for over a decade now, but we’ve gotta say that what they’re making these days is pretty dang exciting. It’s no secret that Polaris’ RZR is the big daddy of performance side-by-sides; in fact, dealers can hardly keep ahead of the demand. And Polaris has always been a fan-favorite for snowmobiles. But as Can-Am’s three-wheeled Spyder blurs the lines between motorcycle and Sea-Doo, Polaris has smeared the line between motorcycle and, well…indy car.

    The all-new Polaris Slingshot is an impressive, and outright befuddling machine. Powered by a GM 2.4-liter, 173HP Ecotec in-line four cylinder motor and backed by an Aisin five-speed manual gearbox, the Polaris rides on a chrome-moly tube chassis that sits two passengers low in the pan, shoulder-to-shoulder. With a 77.6-inch wide front wheelbase, 149.6-inch length, and 51-inch height; the Slingshot tips the scales at nearly double that of conventional trikes at 1,743 pounds. Massive 11.8-inch disc brakes bring the big go-trike to a stop, as lots of electronic assistance helps sponge up the Slingshot SL’s tail-wagging.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    ... Polaris has been out of the personal watercraft game for over a decade now ...
    Actually, just barely a decade.

    2004 was the last model year for Polaris watercraft, and I think the announcement happened late in the 2004 season, just prior to the normally-scheduled 2005 model year production.

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    This past summer I was headed back to Milwaukee on I-94 from the Twin cities. I saw a group of 4 of these headed the other way. Pretty sure they were Polaris people driving them, since they weren't even on the market yet. I knew what they were because I had seen pictures of them. I think that was back in August.

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