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    Im crazy I know... I want a backflip.

    SO! I live on the coast and we had some good rolling surf this past week, about 5 footers or so, and it was the first time I really got to beat the piss out of my poor tuned spark. I was really going for height and a few broncos. I Got passed full vertical on one good wave, about 120 degrees around, I bailed and had the ski land upside down.... My interest was uh... "Sparked" I starting trying to see how far around I really could go. I got the ski completely horizontal, so 180 degrees around and fell out of the sky like rock, the ski landing on top of me.... I feel like with a prop, and a trim nozzle a back flip really could be a reality. You really only need 280 degrees or so to nose stab and stay right side up. Thoughts on a way to rig a nozzle??!

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    I been think same thing I have got to the 120 degree mark and found I am in the water didn't know why ??
    I think you will need foot straps to keep your feet on the deck as you get upside down, with your feet on the deck should be able pull with your arms and push with your feet to turn it faster.
    I was going to put foot straps but then tolled of to many story of broken bones OUCH

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    Just get small toe cap hooks and train your shin muscles lol.

    Its definitely do-able. Just a measure of balls.

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    Give it to Jimmy Visser.... He will backflip anything!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GasResearch-VT.SE View Post
    Just get small toe cap hooks and train your shin muscles lol.

    Its definitely do-able. Just a measure of balls.
    And how much you value your cervical vertebra.

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