IJSBA Rule Change Comment and Suggestion Period closes Monday 15th

Some of the items up for discussion (send any additions/comments to [email protected]).
* Continue to develop different Runabout and Ski portions of the track.
*Pre assign pit parking areas for paid competitors who are sharing a trailer.
*Remove Two Stroke limited Runabouts from the Runabout Normally Aspirated Class.
Cameras on staring line to confirm jump starts/knee in tray violations.

*Qualifiers and elimination for Freestyle.
* Do not allow lithium ion batteries in stock unless OEM equipped
* Remove nearly all allowances for Runabout Stock Class(es) * Create air restrictor plate requirements for Runabout Classes

* Abandon exact replica requirement for Ski Open top deck
* Increase displacement cap in Runabout Rec Lites to up to 1100cc based on a weight to displacement formula.
Add a reference chart of common parts and modifications legal in each class.
* Re Pit selection: we will be creating a divided system for pitting: competitors who register for World Finals early will be able to pool their entries together and receive some reserved pit space; we will set aside some pit spaces for the lottery system and; we will keep the bulk of the pit space open for first come first served. We will publish the list of policies as we get closer to World Finals.

* Competitors have requested IJSBA consider creating a Competitors Jury as a form of appeal from a Race Director’s call. This is an idea we have tried to implement before and found it difficult to compose a jury that didn’t have conflicts of interest but we will give this another try and present some options within the next couple of months.