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    FX140 miss firing after storage

    iv got an FX140 that up until the end of last summer ran faultless.
    at the end of last season after starting when launching it would give an occasional cough or miss untill it warmed up. then it would run perfect for the whole day, not miss a beat or any loss of power.
    i changed the spark plugs and gave it an oil change and new filter when it started missing when cold. this didnt really seem to remedy the problem.
    due to a recent house purchase both me and my partner have been so busy the jetski has been left stored now for 2 months without starting (the ski was properly flushed after the last outing)
    i went to the ski today just to check it over and fire it up. To my amazement the battery held a good charge and the ski fired up off the button. it ran smoothly for about 10 seconds then cut out.
    when i went to restart the ski it started but was miss firing badly with lots of smoke coming out the exhaust, i tried to keep the engine at a high idle using throttle to see if it would clear but the miss fire didnt stop.
    one thing i did notice is the positive terminal connection to the battery is pretty corroded (i had to give it a slight wiggle to get enough juice to start the second time)
    anyone got any useful ideas on where to start fault finding on this problem and if there are any known issues with this ski and these types of symptoms?
    Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all

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    Change the spark plugs and you'll be fine, Julio...

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