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    Seadoo limited restore.

    Hi just thought I'd make a thread on my Gtx as I proceed to find out what went wrong and caused the engine to partially seize up.

    So far I've nearly got it ready to to pull the engine. Just need to go pick up an engine crane and the drain the Coolent and pull the drive shaft out.

    Ill ill keep this updated for the people tgat are curious to know what went wrong also! Wish me luck
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    Also im not sure if this is normal but after removing the inlet manifold I noticed all the inlet valves where closed?
    And another weird thing, there was a white/ greenish bits in all inlet ports and on the valves. Not metal but looks like maby salt mixed with anti-corrosion fluid. I'm not sure what it is yet and how it's all got there but I'll inverstegate further when the engine is pulled.
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    Hold on them white/ greenish bits might of got in there when I pulled the injectors when I fogged the engine. Maby salt deposits.

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    Small update:
    just been trying to remove the drive shaft to remove the engine and at the moment im stuck on trying to pull the collar back as the drive shaft seems rusted and stopping the collar from moving backwards so looks like I'll have to buy the tool to help pull the collar back.

    A weird thing I came across was, the other day the engine seemed free again! I could turn the engine over no problem but again today I can't rotate it! I can rotate it around 1" either way as it will move free but then feel like it's 100% locked/stopped as if I've hit a brick wall then you have to rotate the opposite way then it will stop completely again.
    the only was I can describe it is if feels like the valve has hit the piston top then you need to rotate the opposite direction then it's free again for around 1-2" of rotation then it stops again. (The bores and valves are fine so it's not that it's just the only way I can describe what it feels like turning over.) At this moment in time I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's just a few of flywheel bolts heads have sheered off and causing it to jam. Just id prefer it to be that rather than something internal. Wish me luck.

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    Does the rubber boot attached to the PTO bearing move with the shaft?

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    What do you mean mate? The rubber boot that covers the top half of the shaft closest to the engine?
    I know that the shaft itself moves if I pull it back if I don't put nuts in the impeller shaft hole. If you understand what I mean.

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    Yes. That boot actually has a bearing in it. Even though it only covers half for a little bit, it completely encompasses the bearing.

    I was just wondering if that boot moves the 1" in both directions. It might be seized in there.

    I've also seen those stainless rings the carbon seal mates to have to be cut off the driveshaft.

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    Oh I see, well when I rotate the engine at the back of the ski that boot seems to be In the same place as if it hasn't moved but I can check to make sure. But I'm honestly thinking that the boot stays in the same place and dose not spin around when the shaft rotates.

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    Ok engine is now out and I can say it's 100% internal!
    the flywheel bolts are all intact and fine. I will replace them with the stronger ones now I'm there anyways, but first I need to find the problem. I'm guessing on it being a slipped big end bearing or something.

    The oil in the sun dose look metallic looking so guess that's fine metal Particles.
    I will upload a video of the sound on trying to turn it over by hand, to me it sounds bottom end. Wish me luck guys

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    Here is a video of trying to turn the engine over by flywheel. trim.3D31BA1D-BCF6-4108-8270-2DC70F04DDEE.MOV

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