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    07 rxp timing chain broke

    I have a 2007 rxp with 100 hrs and started taking apart because I thought was a Bendix problem. Ended up being a busted timing chain. Not many hours for a timing chain to bust?? Anybody have this problem or any input about it. I believe this fix is out of my league and have to take it to a shop unless I can get some help and advice from you guys. Anything is appreciated or point me toward previous threads on this issue. Thanks in advance!!!

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    you have some bent valves as well and a chance that a tooth is damaged on your crank shaft. There is a good chance that your ski suffered from a ceramic washer failure earlier in its life. Not a simple fix.

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    Yes, the Entire Engine will have to be removed & Disassembled.#1 Remove the Supercharger intake boot. & see if the Supercharger compressor wheel spins freely?? if it does.... the washers came off the shaft or exploded & went thru the pto cover while the engne was running. This causes a lot of problems with the gears, Chain & related moving parts in the PTO Cover.. if the Chain is broken? You will have some bent valves & some broken gears in the PTO Cover too. Hopefull this has not damaged your Cyl Block. but the Crank has to be lifted out of he Block to install the new Chain. & You will have Broken metal parts throughout the engine oiling system.. What Zip Code are you in. maybe someone on here that is close to you to help in the repair..

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