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    currently changing bearings but...

    I'm changing the rear pump bearings. I ordered oem bearings from bike bandit as did not have one of the bearing s. I open the larger front bearing and roll it, the new one. This new bearing has a tic in it when it spins. Is this normal for this particular bearing? The inner race is somewhat loose. More so then any of the other oem bearings I have installed so far. Advise please. Thanks. 96 waveraider 1100

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    Try cleaning out with some spray solvent and see if there wasn't just a piece of grit it in.
    These aren't sealed are they? If so, send it back.

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    No, not completely sealed and they have a small bit of grey grease pack ed in them.

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    I am waiting to contact customer service before I do anything. I don't want it to still be bad after cleaning and then they not exchange it because of the cleaning.

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    Bike bandit is exchanging the bearing no issues, remember them for your next oem part order.

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