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    Need some direction

    Hi all!

    I'm in the market to buy a ski for this season, I'm not sure if I should go towards a seedoo or Yamaha.

    I live on Long Island, NY. So it will mostly be Ocean riding. I plan on using it for both wave jumping, tubing, and just taking trips around the island with my partner.

    I've heard that Yamaha is more reliable, and this is a big plus for me, but don't want to dismiss sea-doo on this, as any sea-doo owner will say they are very good.

    The downside to the sea-doo for me this year are the colors... they are hideous, I was looking at the RXT X 260, I don't care for the suspension in the AS, sounds like more issues in the long run.

    I plan on spending 13k with negotiating, maybe even less, who knows.

    Either way, I just need to be headed in the right direction, and what the pro's and cons of both makers.

    If you guys/gals need any other info from me, I'll be happy to provide.

    Thank You GH!

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    If you are riding ocean only, I'd look at Kawasaki. If mixed ocean and fresh water, Yamaha FX hull, hands down.

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    As someone who has purchased 4 brand new boats in the last 3 years, I would use this approach:

    1) Stay away from supercharged engines-they use much more fuel than the average rider needs and they're a source of a lot of problems.
    2) Don't try to guess what the reliability of a brand will be-they all have issues.
    3) Try to get information on the competency of the people at the dealership. A good relationship with a dealer will get you through a lot of problems.
    4) Go to a boat show and sit on everything, ask many questions.
    5) Factor in the economics-if there are carryover units they are usually priced better and manufacturers put good incentives on them.

    Good luck with your search!

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    The Kawasaki Ultra 310 is the best ski in the ocean. Performance is great. I have had no issues with mine. An FX probably won't disappoint you, but if you want the best in the rough by far get the Kawi. Only downside it's it drinks fuel.

    If you were to go for the Seadoo, You can also get them new in black and red.

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