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    Help with a pair of 2013 kawasaki STX15F's

    2-2013 STX15F's both have the same issue & both have less than 25 hrs. The problem is eratic idle and the rpm will hang up around 3000 sometimes which may coming into a docking area dangerous & tricky. Here's what we've tried so far;
    KDS-No faults
    ISC valve's ok
    compression 200psi+
    cam timing is on
    valve clearance good
    tried new ecu & throttle body
    throttle cables ok
    smart steering tests good
    tried a new oil temp sensor, cause old one reads high, no change
    Kawi doesn't have the answer either

    Ideas anyone, would sure like to pull one out of the hat, Thanks

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    I would just disable the smart steering system and see what happens. I didn't have the erratic idle but did have the high idle once in a while when coming into the dock. If your bars are turned at all and you let off the throttle completely, the ECU will take over and bump the engine speed a little. If I remember correctly, I removed the magnet or sensor that is attached with screws to the base of the helm assembly and used a cable tie to keep it from banging around.

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