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    Video: How to Become a Freestyle Jet Skier

    Flatwater Freestyle is the basic starting point for most “average” guys, but covers a wide range of skill sets. This area of Freestyle consists of riding in a lake or river, with no available waves. Tricks can be performed on smooth water, or off of a small wake (called a setup wake) made by the rider. In the beginning, you can start off with your basic standup ski, some of which can be found as cheap as $1,500 in a ready to ride state.

    As your riding improves, you will be able to learn new tricks, such as riding backwards, small wave jumping, diving under water (the submarine), and many others. From this point, if you’re hooked, (and you will be), its time for some equipment upgrades. Handling modifications usually come first, and not long after, the engine upgrades. These can go from mild to wild, and can run upwards of $40,000 for a pro level, high powered, lightweight carbon fiber hull.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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