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    easiest way to check your superscharger clutch working? SHO engine

    Ok guys, my question is how can you test if your supercharger clutch is not working properly? I dont understand exactly how it works but i guess it could be weared out and then not give the proper boost.

    I have removed the supercharger and the drive gear is spinning in one direction, and locked in the other(as far as i can push with my hand). Can it be bad anyway? Is there some other way to wind out if its working 100%

    The problem started when ive been out on the water for maybe 2 hours. Suddenly it would not give me full power. The engine sounds normal but its like in Learning mode. So i restart the engine and i got full power back, but just after a minutes driving it comes back and wont give me full power again.

    Every time i turned the engine on its in "full power mode" but i had to accelerate slowly (squeeze the throttle slowly), or it would go in slow mode again.

    And now you cant even squeeze it slowly, as soon as the engine starts to generate some power, its back to slow mode. And it wont go over 5500 rpm, and you have to restart the engine to get the power back.

    At first i thought the jetski was in some kind of "limp-home-mode" but the engine light dosent show anything. Ive checked the diganostics and now fault code.

    Its a 2012 sho engine

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    To answer your original question, yes, the clutch can spin in one way with the engine off and still be bad. I can't say for sure if that is your issues though-- any other details you can provide? Start with the simple stuff like plugs and then go from there.

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    I found this in the Yamaha service Manual:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have removed the supercharger and pushed the gear as much as i could but it dosent spinn. So it should be working right?

    Ive just changed the spark plugs and its the same problem.

    Im starting to think there is something with the computer that isent working. Feels like the throttle is limited, like it wont open full somehow.
    But then again its so wired that the computer dosent give any fault code.

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    Check reverse switch , seems to be the most common cause

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    Yes, already had that problem but not this time

    This is way more power than when the reverse switch is on. The ski is doin about 45 mph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldphones View Post
    Yes, already had that problem but not this time

    This is way more power than when the reverse switch is on. The ski is doin about 45 mph.
    This is exactly what mine did before it failed. I replaced the spark plugs and it helped for a while and then it would lose power and the engine wouldn't rev above 55-6000 RPM. If you're not getting any codes I would just replace the clutch. The clutch assembly in the Yamaha relies on the friction and proper movement of the engagement pawls to provide the transmission of the load. It can act differently on the bench than it does when it is in operation. Are you using the proper oil in the engine?

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    Ok looks like i have to replace that clutch. I will post pictures when i get started.

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    I had a problem on a sho and was not getting full power but was getting full rpm turned out my air filter had got wet once replace the ski was back to normal . Might be worth a look before u spend money on a clutch

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    Throttle position sensor possibly??

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    check vacuum pipe and inlet manifold gasket for leaks also.

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