Just had a problem with my intercooler.. on my 2012 rxpx it was filling the engine up with water. so i bought an riva gen 2 and put it on my ski.
i also did the intake upgrade because it was full of salt. i also put a powerfilter kit and a freeflow exhaust. i cleaned everything.. TB etc.. and put everything back together.
when i first started it it worked fine. but after a couple of revs it just shut it self of.. the idle is kind of ruff. it said check engine. no codes appeared. i hooked it up to my candoo and it said c2122 ibr and c2161ibr.
i then charged the battery.. same result. checked if the altenator was working.. and the voltage came up like it suposed to on the battery. i did not mess with ground or anything. anybody have an idea what it could be?