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    We Announce The Watercraft Journal 2014 Watercraft of The Year

    It struck us as being incredibly premature to make an announcement as to which new personal watercraft model would be the best for the year until say, the end of the year. That is why we waited until today to unveil The Watercraft Journal’s top pick (and runner-up) for the title of “Watercraft of The Year.” Of course, this decision didn’t come to us six months ago and we’ve been simply waiting things out, but comes after hours of deliberation, days of testing, and weighing all of the factors that make a vehicle stand out among the rest.

    Mind you, there are several characteristics attributed to specific models that cannot be scored against another. To be fair, you can’t score a budget-friendly Yamaha VX Sport against a fully-loaded GTX iS 260 Limited, and expect the outcome to be fair. Rather, we had to evaluate each of the craft The Watercraft Journal personally laid hands on throughout its publishing year on its own merits, its impact on the industry and its overall reception by the market. Ultimately, it’s not a matter of simply being our favorite, but your favorite as well. So with that being said, here are our runner-up and 2014 Watercraft of The Year.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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