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    Fxsho 2013 sluggish than on limiter

    Hi guys hope to pick the brains trust again my 2013 fxsho has just been serviced and second run out seems to be a lot more on the limiter and now seems sluggish and feels like in limp mode like that my seapoo has done . The fxsho has 120 ish hours and I do cross a coastal bar often with lots of sand thrown in to the wash it feels like the seadoo when needed a wear ring but it happened very fast within one half hr ride just went to crap thought at first possible clutch but when on hose and quick throttle blast can't hold in the sc hose in so guessed it's making boost . Am I looking at the right things this yam my is all new to me
    thanks in advance

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    change plugs

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    check oil level to be sure it it not over full since it has just been serviced.

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    Thanks guys just put it back in water and from standing start it's cavitating badly and bouncing off the limiter with little thrust I'm guessing I have a prob with the pump

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