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    2013 fzr rpm loss

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and don't know how to use it correctly yet. I'm sorry for the new thread but I looked around and couldn't find a problem similar to mine. I have a 2013 fzr at about 35 hours I installed a BOV the intake manifold upgrade, air filter and exhaust. At about 75 hours I started to have a problem where for the first 30min of riding the ski would loose power at full throttle it would sound like if it were choked and the Rpms did not pass 6500 or something like that. After 30 min it worked perfectly for the rest of the time.(4 hours) the next time I went out it was the opposite I rode the ski and at first it worked perfect for about 15 min then the same loss of power and I would not reach 7k RPMS. Another thing that I realized occurred when this happen was that the low fuel beep stopped working. Any ideas ?

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    clutch might be going out, beeper in steering control got wet or went out, or you have a sticking or leaking BOV

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    Check the fuel tank vent. Trying to remember where it is...
    Go for a ride and when it has power issues pull the seat and make sure the tank isn't ducked in, if it is pop the fuel cap and see if it has suction in it. Happened
    On a few of the older skis.

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