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    What pwc should I buy

    Looking into buying a used performance ski. I will be mostly riding in Barnegat Bay (Usually moderately choppy) with very occasional ocean riding. With or without a supercharger, I don't care. But it has to be on the lighter side, accelerate quickly, seat 3, and take chop well. Lmk what you think I should buy. Thanks.

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    Your in the Kawasaki section so your going to be told a Kawasaki 300 or 310. If you were in the Yamaha or Seadoo section you would be told one of those things.

    I ride in Ocean conditions and have had Seadoos, Yamahas etc and I ride a Kawa 300.

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    Ultra300/310 fits all your wants except its not in the lighter side. Acceleration is great, seats 3, handles riugh water better than any other ski on the market. If you want something lighter the 15F also has pretty good acceleration. It isn't near as good as the ultra as far as performance and rough water riding, but it's not so heavy.

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