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    Xl power valve servo or cdi problem

    Hi all

    just chasing some info again (seems to be common with these older skis) I'm on my 3 rd servo motor try, all have been secondhand motors and none seem to work, none have cycled , motor gets good voltage but never turns off the voltage after motor stops, power valves are free.
    ive checked the signal wire from cdi and seems to be around 2.4-3.4 v regardless of rpm, so just chasing some help from those more knowledgable.
    Just wondering whether cdi unit may be the problem, ski runs fine to 6000 rpm and that's it with no power valve operation at all.

    thanks in advance

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    You should pull the cables off the powervalve motor and start and stop the ski and see if the P/V cycles. If it does you should install and adjust the cables in the correct procedure.

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