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    Kevin Shaw: I Swear Guys, Iím Right About This One

    It was late 2006 when Kawasaki introduced the world to its new full-sized runabout, the Ultra 250X. The sharply chiseled JetSki touted the biggest engine producing the most horsepower of any personal watercraft before it; 35HP over the closest Sea-Doo and an astounding 70HP ahead of Yamaha. Equally, the 250X unseated the brand’s STX-15F as its flagship craft, and rightly fixed Kawasaki back atop the heap of performance PWC.

    It was also the first watercraft I ever rode as an editor for a jet ski magazine. It was also the first supercharged 4-stroke PWC ski I had ever ridden despite the RXT and RXP being introduced a couple of years earlier. The staccato whistle of the roots-style blower shrieked angrily in my ears with each swell I leapt over. The deep V-hull split the undulating surf like a Coast Guard Cruiser. It was a surreal experience, uprooting everything I knew a jet ski to be. It was transformative.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com

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