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    Video: Massive Nazare Swell Smashes Jet Skis & Surfers

    Earlier this month, possibly the biggest swell of 2014 blew into Portugal’s epic surf spot, Nazare churning up mammoth waves from Punta Galea to Jaws. As Portugal prepared for what was sure to be one of the site’s biggest sessions, big wave surfers Garrett McNamara, Ross Clarke-Jones, Hugo Vau, and Sebastien Steudtner embarked on an adventure to push their very limits.

    According to a report first published on The Inertia, Red Bull team leader McNamara “lost a jet ski in 20-feet of whitewater. Andrew Cotton got smashed beyond belief, and Ross Clarke-Jones proved that once you’ve got it, you can never lose it.” The video below documents the surfer’s exploits and illustrate the sheer magnitude of the waves that pounded these watermen to a pulp.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com

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    Carnage but fun he says !!!!!!!

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