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    rio step jet boat 1200 polaris engine

    merry christmas!!! found a project? rio step jet boat with polaris 1200 carb engine. have not gone to look at yet about 2 hour drive away. guy clams it is all there? and engine runs fine but drive shaft and or pump makes a clanking sound? so my question is IF? it is a broken drive shaft or pump related problem? what year and model skis would i want to look at for replacement parts? from the pics he has sent it seems to be a regular or very similar polaris pwc drive system? but pump sticks way out rear of hull so i assume extended pump? reverse bucket seems to be made out of some cast metal? any of you guy's familiar with these? any help greatly appreciated!! enjoy your christmas!!

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    Im sure we can help you with this easily. the Polaris jet pumps are easy to repair. Some pump rattle is normal on a Polaris out of the water due to the free floating drive shaft. The pump parts from Polaris are essentially the same from 1994-2004, just different impellers for different applications, and 2 different pump vane sections. one is a 5 vane aluminum model, and the other a 6 vane stainless steel version. The 6 vane stainless stator is the better choice. There are plenty of good used parts out there, as well as new parts being available from Polaris or aftermarket suppliers.

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    I have a Rio. It's got a carbed 1200 Polaris engine/drivetrain out of a '00-'01 Virage TX. It has a standard Polaris extended jet pump setup... long driveshaft, 6 vane stainless stator and extended ride plate.

    Check out these other threads for more info. Or just search for 'Rio'.


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    seat parts - anyone know where i could get a bottom seat cushion

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