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    Help me figure out what mods my recently purchased 2003 GP1300R has.

    Purchased a 2003 GP1300r and noticed off the bat it had Riva stickers on it.

    When removing the seat I did not notice anything out of the ordinary and the seller said he had no idea if it had any mods.

    When poking around I discovered a Riva EFI controller under the front storage compartment.

    The only thing I have since done to it is install a D Plate.

    Hoping someone could check these settings and tell me if anything seems out of the ordinary.

    After researching I have changed the settings to 4,4,1,6
    The pic shows the settings that I found initially.

    Wanted to also say that is uses about 25% more gas compared to my 2007 GP1300r that is stock with a Dplate.

    If someone could maybe provide me with a list of common upgrades that I should be checking for that would be great.

    I do want to add that I have now owned it for about 5 months and have used it a total of 5 weekends now. Maybe 2 hours each weekend.

    The waverunner does not take off like the 07. It feel like it cant get any traction. Once it gets going it moves. The traction issue was a lot worse until I changed the Dplate. It seems to still be an issue but not as bad as before.

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    wlcome to the forum, the seach button is your friend! Look at the top of the list on 2 stroke forum all gpr mods are listed for your reading enjoyment. Listed as one of the stickies. The "traction" issues is cavitation" Plenty of threads on that as well. Not much activity on 2 stroke threads these days so your going to have to take the time and do alot of reading.

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