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    Spark plug pressure leak


    I need some advice on this one please.

    i just done a top end on a 951 Seadoo and when I went to pressure test the engine up to the recommended 34 kPi I found a small leak where the spark plug sits. I had a look at where the plug seats and it looks like there might be a very small imperfection but I cannot for a fact say if that is causing the leak. It is so small the iPad camera struggles to pick it up. This is the only leak on the motor and causes the test to loose about 20% of its pressure over the 10 min. So, few questions, will the heat take this up when the engine starts running, should I be concerned about it and if so any suggestions on how I can repair this or reseat the plug? I have tried new plugs as well.

    I will really appreciate any help or advice, thank you. Picture of the leak below.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    isn't there a crush washer on the plug to help it seal

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    Yeah that!^^^^^ if you have tried new plugs then surly there should be. Try just using wet and dry sandpaper (wet). Try and block the hole with tissure or cut off a small piece of rag. Block the hole as best you can and try sanding around the spark plug hole where the washer sits so it's nice and smooth. Get a Hoover and Hoover around the hole to pick up and small bits of sand paper dust if any. And this might also hover up the rag or tissure out the hole. Get a clean rag with a spray of carb cleaner and wipe around the hole clean then try again with a new spark plug. This sould help it seal.

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