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    Fresh rebuild to rxt but now smokey

    Hi all
    I recently did a complete rebuild top and bottom end. I put new wsm .5 over Pistons and did all the valve guides and re-lapped the valves.
    On the hose the motor runs good. Down at the ramp in the water smokey looks like oil too.
    cant work it out
    comp test showed all about 125
    any ideas?

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    Bad valve stem seal ?

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    second ring installed upside down ??? will smoke like a bitch and get worse when you rev it

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    I made sure the rings were installed correctly on the wsm Pistons all the ring markings face up.
    I had new valve stem seals put in too.
    The middle ring and bottom ring have a chamfer on them the top ring doesn't

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    SC oil seal blowing through?

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    You'll know if its the oil rings being upside down when you pull the head and it's oil soaked.

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    It's a new SC I removed the bend between the intake manifold and sc to eliminate that.
    i think it might be water via the head gasket. I reused the head bolts and put a wsm gasket in. Maybe not sealing.
    I will need to pressure test it or go for a ride to see if I lose coolant.
    when I accelerate lots of white smoke.
    i did simulate out of the water by connecting the hose via the water feed from the pump not the flush hose.
    the flush hose seems to suppress it by reverse flushing.

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    It's oil man. Check your level after a ride, I bet it will be low. Check your plugs too, they should be oily if this is the case.
    Been there..

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    They are dry no trace of oil on them

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    you don't know the difference between the smell of oil smoke and coolant smoke???

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