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    wave jumping damage question

    hey guys just thought to introduce my self, names Isaac and i ride with my dad Herny over here in wa, we have two rxt 255's one has been heavily modified by les cooke and is pushing out over 320 horse power, the other has only had the free flow exhaust done on it. if you have if you want to know whats been done to the modded one i can find all the mods and tell you.

    thanks Isaac.

    first question
    can you damage the super charger or anything else (besides engine mounts) whilst wave jumping?

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    yes and handle bars, hoods, seat base, haul, hood components, drive shafts, impellers. The amount of damage is relative to how hard the machine is pushed and for the duration.

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    ok thanks jim thats all i needed

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    I busted the steering nozzle on my 08 GTI after landing at too steep of an angle.

    So,there I was, in the waves with no steering. It got a bit interesting and I could have totaled the ski because there was also a strong current dragging me towards a jetty.

    Now with my 2011 GTI and the IBR, there are many more parts back there that can be damaged from wave jumping.

    Gotta make sure you land at a proper angle.

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