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    how do you know if you have blown your head gasket?

    hey guys, we have milky oil coming through our catch can and we want to know if the oil is coming through a blown head gasket, how can we find out if it is or if it isnt?
    thanks isaac

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    Black specks that look like pepper in the coolant bottle.

    Coolant level in bottle keeps needing to be filled over time.

    The black specks are pieces of the head gasket that has failed.

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    small amounts of milky oil in a catch can is ok. on dipstick or oil fill cap, you got a problem.

    if you think the gasket is blown, look for black flecks in the bottle. you can also take the overflow line off the bottle and run it under seat or somehwhere you can see it while riding and make a wide open pass. if it starts blowing coolant out than it's time to pull the head for a gasket.

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    your jaw is sore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tbranella View Post
    your jaw is sore?
    I'll go pick up some panadol later today and see how that helps with the jaw Tbranella

    thanks for the help guys, we've got no black specs and the coolant level is stable so i think we are in the clear, taking them out today so we will find out anyway

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