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Thread: Prop re pitch

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    Prop re pitch

    Hi, i want to be able to pith my own prop and do my own can anyone give me info as to where to bend and how much bend gives how much more revs and which way to bend for more and less revs
    also is there a part of the prop you pith for less cavitation down low or more or less punch on take off?
    Im new to this but i want to play with mine to get it perfect.

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    Check the "how to" section in this forum. I also did mine for the first time. Assuming you have all the tools, it is quite easy. I'm sure the experts can get it really close to optimum rpm do to experience. That being said, be prepared to install, test, remove, bend, install, test....... You get the picture.

    As as for the cavitation, more comes into play then just prop. Since your pulling the pump, install an r&d pump seal. This will help.

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