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    looking for suggestion........

    i have a rxt-x 260 looking for suggestion on what kind of ecu and upgrade i could do...

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    with the vtech you can use different injectors and bigger SC
    they have different maps you can flash and you can also make custom maps

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    There are a couple of different routes to go with ECUs...You can go with a re-flash,Motec or V-tech.Do some research and see what best suites your needs/wants..As far as Mods,They are endless,it depends on how deep your pockets are....And If your going with a aftermarket ECU dont forget to change out your valve springs too

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    Check this thread out by Jerry or my build
    Both have a lot of good info.

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    With little money V-TECH and now the customer service is TOP!!......with a lot of money you know!!!

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