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    Case of The Mondays: Closed Course IWA Snowmobile Racing

    Sure, jet skis shooting around the lake and cutting a few buoys is second nature for a personal watercraft, but how about a snowmobile? Yes, that’s right a snowmobile. Skimming across the water using a tank tread and a pair of skis, snowmobiles actually produce enough kinetic energy to displace the surface tension of the lake and effectively glide across without sinking. (That’s not to say that some don’t sink.)

    The IWA (International Watercross Association) puts on a full calendar’s worth of racing events hosting eight different classes – including drag and oval classes – all summer long. As per the IWA’s website, “The International Watercross Association is a member owned and operated nonprofit organization founded in 1988. The mission of the IWA is to provide a safe, uniform environment for the sanctioning and promotion of the sport of Snowmobile Watercross Racing.”

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    That is awesome

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    Done that myself a few times. They hold drags and closed course racing on water in the summer. Kinda like riding on marbles...

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