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    Would you consider the newer Waverunners a "dry ride"?

    As compared to older models? Specifically, I'm considering going to the boat show this week to replace my wife's 2006 VX Cruiser with a 2015 FX Cruiser HO. Her number one complaint is that she gets splashed too much on her current ride when going through chop. I know this is true; especially true compared to my Seadoo's S3 hull. Would the new model be a dryer ride for her? Thanks!

    /btw, this is a stock pic of what her '06 looks like:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's probably way to subjective to know if your GF will think it's too wet or not. However, in my experience, my 14 FXHO, can be a very dry ride. That largely depends on how I operate and the conditions, but I've certainly gone out from a dock, up river, and out to the open water and not had a drop of water hit me. On other days, I can get soaked head to toe from hitting a wave.

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    We bought a new vx deluxe last year and it is a very wet ride compared to my other 2 sea doo's. I really like the vx but not a dry ride.

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    i would consider my 2015 fx cruiser fairly dry, unless there is a lot of chop, and your at a fast speed.

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    My RXP-X is by far the driest ride I have ever had. Trim helps.

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    It cracks me up when I hear people wanting to stay dry on a PWC. My wife is the same exact way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    It cracks me up when I hear people wanting to stay dry on a PWC. My wife is the same exact way.
    No kidding. If you want to stay dry get a boat. Getting soaked is half the fun of these things. If you get cold from getting soaked get a wet suit.

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    my '15 is relatively dry, but if you use "RiDE" system alot, it gets wet pretty quickly

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    I have a VX and nothing to compare it to, but there are many days where I can ride "dry" and I have to drag a leg in the water to cool off. There are also the days where the waves are blanketing the hood and completely hitting you in the face. All depends if your on an inland lake on a calm day or on Lake Michigan on a choppy, white cap day Sometimes you have to ride the wave and not try an go through it.
    ...I'm going to invent wipers for my sunglasses just for the waves in your face of riding....

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