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    slotting the encoder wheel for a 06 crank

    Hi all
    Are there any picks of how to slot the encoder wheel.
    I have moved it clockwise 2 bolt holes to cater for the 05 pto.
    I took the ski for a run It feels a little flat down low and mid.
    I think it needs that missing 7 degrees to wake it up.
    If I remove the encoder I just dont know how much more to move it around I obviously need to drill all the holes but will they overlap the existing holes.
    The encoder wheel has a large gap whats the reference point to count the teeth from.
    Or do I just move 2 bolt hole + 1 tooth.
    any pics may help

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    When I did mine I had both Cranks to compare, early 04-05 and the later 06 onwards. I measured and measured and compared positions throughly. Then once I was happy with placement, and with crank pin installed I beat down on the encoder wheel and left a dent where the locating pin hole would be and drilled it out. Then with it located in the correct place you can work out how much the holes need to be slotted. BUT! I had both cranks available to me, it helped.

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    The holes get slotted about the width of another hole. Not much.

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    Thanks I was going to cut out a circular template to mark from a 05 crank the 3 o'clock line and the drill my template where the dowel should be.
    I will overlap the template on mine redrill the dowel hole in the crank lock it in mark the six holes to reshot.

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    I just got on 06 up pto housing when i had this problem

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