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Thread: Tons of parts-

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    Tons of parts-

    Looking for someone local to CT that just wants to come "pick"

    I have 2 full 40+ foot storage units, and a 600SQ foot room stacked full of parts..
    then about 30 other machines being parted that are still fairly complete...

    At the moment there is no master list, looking for someone local that just wants to come pick "american pickers style"... looking more for someone to buy bulk stuff... just looking to clear out.
    IF someone wants to come from far away, as long as we agree to a purchase of more then 1000$ in parts, I will fly you in. Just have too much stuff right now, and more coming so would like to clear space.

    Off the top of my head...
    Tons of 4 tec stuff.. cases... heads.. valves.. pistons.. rods.. ecu..mpem.. gauges...intake manifolds, intercooleres, tons of Riva parts.
    Lots of 951 parts- cylinders, cases, electronics
    Tons of 2 stroke seadoo electronics

    few 62T motors, many X cases, X cylinders, tons of CDIs, many electrical boxes, many CDI boxes, tons of jet pumps, tons of nozzles,
    Lots of 1200 and 1300R stuff...
    blaster rocker kit, blaster hull.. blaster seat or two...

    FEw ultra 150 parts, few 250X parts, some 1100 kawi stuff- electronics, cases, etc. lots of pumps from 2 strokes, lots of 15F stuff, 2 complete 12Fs....

    Lots of 2 stroke polaris stuff, cylinders, cases, electronics etc.

    piles and piles of OEM covers...
    tons of OEM plastics... yamaha.. seadoo... kawasaki...

    The list really goes on forever...

    203 218 5413

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    you need to speak with wayne ordon. i know he buys bulk stuff like this. he goes by wayniac on this forum and on

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    Have him shoot a text or call me.

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    Dont have a B Kit or 2 Rude for a '06 RXT do ya?

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    ^Sorry I do not.

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    Do you happen to have a rxpx waterbox and midpipe? If so how much thanks

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    Any non mechanical rxp stuff?

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    RXPX waterbox-midpipe- sorry no, just sold that two days ago.

    Yes, tons of RXP parts.... enough to probably build 3 skis James

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    Out of curiosity what would you take for the whole lot. I just back a big truck up and haul it away?

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    Awesome. Any way you could text me? I have a list of stuff I need. 225-270-6175

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