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    Unhappy Dealing with Main Channel Marina, Syracuse, IN

    Just wanted to share my experience with dealing with Main Channel Marina in Syracuse, IN.
    Found a 1997 Shuttle craft online there with trailer for $1200. We discussed the unit, what type of rails where install and stuff. Sales guy sent another picture of it from the rear. Pictures looked ok. It was in need of some hull cleaning because it was sitting in the water awhile. So i figured it did not leak. So I tell the sales guy that I could pay VIA PAYPAL and pick it up sometime in March. He responded that would be ok, they do that type of stuff all the time and that if I get there and it is not what was described we could work something out. So I am feeling good that I found a good deal and waiting for him to contact me with the payment details. They broke me deal and sold it to someone else. I have purchased the 9 Polaris PWC listed below and 6 Polaris snowmobiles online this year. Some have taken PayPal and some have waited for me to come to them and pay in person.

    Was what Main Channel Marina did shady or am I just to personal involved. Has anyone else dealt with these guys? Is this just a exception or the way these guys do business?

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    Never dealt with those guys but I have had things sold out from underneath me. Not a good feeling but even if you had verbally agreed to a deal but payment was not made, you probably don't have any recourse. I wouldn't necessarily say its shady, its not like they took your money and failed to deliver product, but just really poor customer service, and certainly a reflection of the value that they placed on your business (hint= 0). I would just go out of my way to not ever do business with them again.

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    Probably some confusion on their end. Someone else probably sold it without knowledge of the discussion that you had with them. Or then again, if I were doing the deal, it would go to the first person that has cash in hand for me. If I had something like that worked out with you, I would call you back and give you first crack at it though.

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    Well it is nice to want to think ... maybe someone else did not know. I say Shame on them! But I for one also has had this happen where someone sold something that was previously promised to an eariler purchaser. I would not ever do business with again. Bright side , they might have done you a favor ..... when I loose out on a deal, I find that the next deal is normally better after all

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