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    Stupid but have to ask, Shims Vs Spacers???????

    2014 FZS with R&D Plate and grate and is bouncing. Now this is a stupid question but my english is not the best so before going crazy have to ask. I was searching the fórum to learn about different shim setups since the R&D brings 4. But the more I read the more see people talking about shims and spacers. I thought they were the same thing but see people saying things like "1 shim stock spacer" or "no shims with stock spacers", etc. I only have the shims supplied between my plate and hull, then what would the spacers be?????


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    The stock spacers are the FACTORY plate/hull supports that come on the ski between the plate and hull. The R&D plate requires use of those. You then locate the r&d shim under the factort shim plate

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    Shit. I replaced the plate a while back and Just Installed rd plate and shims. does anyone have a pic of what the spacer looks like? Thanks

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    number 9

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    Thank you both, will look for them in the box. Hope this is whats killing my top speed.

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    They come stock from factory on your ski

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    Yes, I need to look for them in the box I throw everything I take off or replace in the ski. Thanks

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    Thank God found them. They are stuck hard to the OEM plate. Thanks Chupacobra and Ale.

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    I'm going to chime in here as also being confused about this as well. I have a 14 FX Svho and I just got my plate machined by Jim. What's the optimal shim/ spacer/ whatever setup for this? Thanks!

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    Tomorrow I will be trying spacers with no shim in front and one in the rear as it was recommended to me.

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