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    Newbie start issues

    2009 stx 15s less 60 hours
    Upon start up it took it a time or 2 to crank over which has never happened before but i passed that up to having the ski sitting for a month.
    Took the ski out the other day and stupid me left the flush valve under the hood open for a quick minute before i saw water pouring in. Closed the valve and kept going for about 15 minutes. (This may have nothing to do with the problem because it was dry by the time i hit shore)
    At about the 15 minute mark the ski felt like it was choking when giving throttle so i head straight for shore.
    Inspecting the ski for the issue ( I am not mechanical talented) i noticed some light water moisture on the wires under the hood directly under the cluster which is zip tied to the inside top of ski. I took the wires down , unclamped everything, blew them out with the air hose and added contact cleaner. Reassembled and still started a little odd.
    Once i hit the start the gauge would blink and beep , warning light come on them "kawasaki" jumping on screen. (Which this did initially when i started it that day before the water problem.
    After that a few times i messed around with the battery terminals. I started it 3 more times with no issue.

    My questions are
    If there seems to be a bad connection to the battery somewhere would it give me that problem with choking when giving it throttle even after it had been running for 15 minutes?
    Should i take out the cluster and check the connections there as well? I glanced at the cluster a while ago and can not figure out how to take it apart. I do not want to break something so maybe someone here can give me a walk through if you have the same ski.

    Any thoughts and insight would be tremendously helpful. I am brand new to this jet ski world.

    Thank you all!!

    UPDATE worse no starting

    ok So i messed around a little with it today. When i hit the start there is a box above the battery mounted to the hull where the positive cable goes. That box makes a click click sound and then the dash resets, no start, yesterday it would click click and sometimes start. Today just clicking and recycling the dash. (Sorry I dont know what it is called, module? )

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    Charge the battery then try again

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    One of the main battery leads is loose, corroded or the battery is nearly flat as mentioned above.
    If it starts sometimes, I would say it's a loose or rusted connection.
    It supplies just enough power to make the start solenoid click, that switches the high current to the starter motor, but there is not enough current supplied to spin the starter.. And the dash turns off because all of the available power is getting used to try and start, there is not enough left to power the dash and other electrics so it's like you turned the key off so the dash restarts when you release the button.
    Check main battery leads including those onto the solenoid, and any negative and earth connections.
    The only other thing it could be is the solenoid itself, when they are faulty they can click without passing power to the starter, but the dash lights should not go out and reset as a consequence.. Unless the dash lights normally reset when you press the start button?

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    yep what bionic man said. poor connection ck them all.

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